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Finalised poem:


When I close my eyes

I dream that I am awake

And so, my eyes open

Upon a widening expanse

I am

A girl

In a bird

In the world

I am all of the sunshine rising

And all of my light extending

I am within myself

The peace that resides inside me

I am all of my inner being

In the evening

My grandma comes to meet me

She feeds me

The soft and warm pieces of bread

I am a bird

Original text:


It was a poem about a tree and being it's leaves, being the ground beneath it, the tree beneath the tree, the roots and water system permeating the ground beneath our feet. I thought of the life above it, the people's footsteps, the road blocks and the sky above them all, the birds and their wings, the air and their feathers. I have thought about the light of the sun and the darkness where the light doesn't reach, the quiet places and faraway places, sounds of frogs in the nighttime and the peace that resides inside me. I picture my grandma, with me, at home in the evening an intangible feeling so bright, so alive, she bends down to feed me, the pieces of warm bread, I am a bird.

I am ...
an interactive poem in progress

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