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Tebogo Matshana

Founder and Director of Birdhouse Interactive 

Visual artist | Digital Designer | Author and Poet


Date of Birth:

September 20th 1995

About me

I am  a visual artist and writer based in Johannesburg South Africa. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art from Rhodes University in 2017  and have always paired my love for visual storytelling with writing as well as illustrating with digital storytelling. I am currently working  as an assistant librarian at the Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts. This work enables me to engage materials within a collection of over 3000 artists books. This entails a plethora of creative material to learn from and reference in my own creative practice. Further to this I am studying towards an MA in Information Design through the University of Pretoria. My focus looks at how visual metaphor as a rhetorical tool cultivates meaning and creates resonant learning experiences in the context of animated poetry.  As an illustrator  enjoy working digitally and always take advantage of drawing over, adding layers, using textures and working further into given scenes. My work, studies and professional practice as an illustrator and writer blend and enhance one another in a multidisciplinary manner. Above all things though, the main task at hand is always to tell a story sincerely.

Each story starts with a poem. 

I strive  to create poetic-visual and digital interactive resources in an endeavour towards storytelling, additionally, I try to work mindfully as well and intuitively in this venture.  In my process, each piece of information is transformed into a poetic and animated interactive visual narrative that users and learners can engage in order to enhance their learning experiences. I have always maintained that when information is engaged as a story, it is felt and thus retained and transformational.  More than this, when information is provided in a visually creative manner, it is more likely to educate and inspire and enlighten those who choose to engage. 


As a visual artist and writer, much of the work I create is often introspective and self-reflective but  I am compelled and always inclined to ask myself, how can I use the skills I have towards affecting positive changes in the lives of those around me. How can I create work that is of substance in that it may educate and inspire all those who engage it. In an ongoing attempt to answer these questions , I work with numerous literacy advocates and NGO's as well as publishers in the endeavour towards producing innovative narrative packages. 

Work Experience

January 2020 - December 2022

Wits Art Museum/ Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts


Collaborating with the Education Team in creating print and digital resources for learners.
Designing catalogues and exhibition materials including visual communication resources.
Designing digital interactive learning materials for learners and visitors.
Facilitating book-making workshops and events.
Assisting by curating of quarterly exhibitions.
Communicating and liaising with respective artists and producers.
Assisting with the task of digitising of collection and making the collection digitally accessible to broader the public.
Maintaining and updating the Wits Art Museum Website.

Facilitating the use of the collection by students and researchers, artists and academic divisions in
Wits and at other institutions
Leading and guiding information tours of exhibitions.
Assisting with the acquisition processes, including cataloguing, shelving/ storing and conserving the artist's books in the collection.
Attaining copyright permissions for use of artwork materials.
Handling original source documents and supervising the use of fragile items.
Assisting the Librarian to develop, organise, archive, catalogue, and care for the artists’ book collection.

May 2021  and October 2021 

Buthano Pictures

Story conceptualisation
Visualisation conceptualisation
Interactive storyboarding
Illustration and Design

December 2019 -  December 2022

Saide/ African Storybook

Children’s story conceptualisation
Children’s story writing

Children’s story translation

Illustration and Design
Collaboration on over seven storybook titles as an author and illustrator


For more information regarding my professional experience please visit my LinkedIn profile 

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